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Vintage Sweets

and get them delivered straight to your  door. Take your tastebuds on a fantastic trip down memory lane.

About Us

A Pop-Up Shop in the Nottinghamshire Area

During the Covid lockdown, The Vintage Sweet Shop was born. With many childhood sweets becoming unattainable, it became our job to find, source and deliver all of the sweets that we once knew but have now either changed or gone.

We actively attend many of the carboot markets and food markets in the Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire areas. To find out our next location, click the button below.


Our Top Picks

sour fizzy mix

Fizzy Mix

A mix of the most popular sour fruit flavour jelly sweets

Foam Bananas

Food shaped sweets are always a popular choice with children and our Mini Foam Bananas are no exception. Soft to eat and fun to play with children love them.

Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies are a long time favourite. A true confectionary classic


Snowies are delicious white chocolate flavoured buttons topped with a crunchy candy coating. They’re not a new sweet, we’ve loved them for ages and for good reason.